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Company History

In 1962, at Cisano di Bardolino on the Gardesana State Road, Umberto Turri and his wife Teresita open one of the first points of sale on Lake Garda. The oil mill where the farmers take their olives to be pressed is annexed to the small outlet. Over the years the Company grows, achieving numerous recognitions and awards and specializing on the direct sale of products to consumers and mail order sales. 


In 1986 work is started for the construction of the new oil mill at Bardolino. Here, a new plant for the continuous processing of olives is installed. This technologically advanced plant enables the processing of large quantities of olives in a very short time. A new bottling line is also installed, together with new stainless steel storage tanks. Later, the plant is upgraded and equipped with more powerful machines.


In 1987 the Company purchases a farmhouse at Calmasino with a 4-hectare piece of land annexed to it. Approximately 600 olive trees of typical DOP (protected origin denomination) varieties are planted.

In 1987-88, at Cisano di Bardolino, Umberto Turri establishes the first museum in Italy dedicated to the history of olive oil. This undertaking immediately enjoys great public success, especially with foreign visitors, and is featured by numerous Italian and foreign TV stations. The Museum is visited on average by approximately 50,000 people each year. Also in these years, son Flavio joins the Company. He shares his father’s enthusiasm for the work and takes part in the research activities and development of the Museum.

In 1997 the Company launches its Internet website www.museum.it, with a virtual shop, one of the first initiatives of this kind in the Verona area. The sales and visitors statistics are flattering from the very start, and are destined to grow over the years.

In 2003 the Company buys an oil mill in Spain that dates back to the early 1900’s. The effort required to move the machinery and organize the recovery work is titanic. Three TIR trucks are used to transport all the parts and equipment. The Company expects to complete the restoration work and display the components at the Museum in a few years’ time.

In 2003 the sales outlet and part of the Museum are completely refurbished.


The Company is currently being run by Flavio Turri together with his wife Liliana. Their plans for the future are impressive, including a further expansion of the area of the Museum and the undertaking of new, interesting initiatives with all the enthusiasm and dedication that have characterized the work of father Umberto in all these years.